We Believe in God

We believe in the traditional understandings of the Triune God, 

"God in three persons, blessed Trinity."

That is, that the God who created all things was revealed especially through Jesus, the Son,

who preached that God's kingdom has come near and is in our midst, even now.

We believe that God's Spirit leads us and guides us in how to live,and enlivens us in all things.


We Believe in God's Kingdom

We believe that the primary teaching of Jesus is that God's Kingdom has come near and that, even now, God's kingdom may be evident in acts of love, mercy, forgiveness, and grace.

Yet, we live in an imperfect world that is not there yet, far from it.

Therefore, we believe that at some time, God will complete what was begun in Jesus in the flesh through what has traditionally been known as the Second Coming of Christ.


We Believe in Salvation

We believe that salvation is by grace, through faith in Jesus and is available to all persons.

 No ritual, work, or any other activity is required in order to be saved. This saving grace of God also makes us more holy, more like Christ by enabling us to live a holy and grace-filled life.  

God's work in us produces the fruit of the Spirit--love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23).

Salvation is a gift from God that enables us to live in right relationship with God, for now and for ever.

The bible reveals to us God's profound love for us through the story of the Hebrew people, Jesus Christ, and the early church.  All that is necessary for salvation is found there, though most of us at Windsor Hills accept that modern biblical scholarship is a great help for our understanding and our growth towards God.


We Believe in The Church

Though the church is imperfect, filled with imperfect people, we believe that the Church is how God has chosen to reach out to the whole world,

which is badly in need of hearing of the message of God's love, mercy and grace for all people.

At Windsor Hills UMC, you will find people who love God, love one another and love neighbor, but yet do not always agree with one another.  

Interestingly, though in the world around us, people who disagree with one another cannot love one another or even speak with one another, we do!

Human institutions of any kind cannot save us, but Christ alone.