Call & Response Sheets

A New Start ~  Our habit here at Windsor Hills, for years, has been for us to survey the congregation as to how they will serve as a part of the Body of Christ here at Windsor Hills.  We have postponed that this year, awaiting what may come with the pandemic.  As we move into the new year, however, it is time for A New Start.  It is time for us to be prepared to serve as we are able to at this time.  As the pandemic may wain, it may be necessary later in the year to do an update.


This year's "Call & Response Sheets" are simplified and focused on what we need in the near future and what we can do in the near future, with Children (C), Youth (Y) and Adults all one form (and not three separate as usual).  This is an important time in the life of Windsor Hills, time for all of us to pull together to move forward.  You will notice a section of Priorities, small and great ways that we can get to work in extending the love of God throughout our congregation and community.  Pay close attention and pray over how God may be calling you to step forward in service to our God, who is the Giver of Life and every good gift.  


Let us be "Together for Joy."  


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